Commercial Tube & Fitting Scaffolding
Traditional Commercial Tube and Fitting Scaffold

Tried and tested through the decades, traditional tube and fitting scaffold still remains the most popular option on the market. Our vast stock and expert fitters are able to easily erect a solution to suit your project.

commercial Timber Frame Scaffolding
Commercial Timber Frame Pre-fabricated Units

Adaptable and versatile, our pre-fabricated timber frame scaffold can be easily reconfigured throughout the build to ensure safety as the build progresses. Popular for new build developments, we are able to supply even at short notice.

Domestic and Residential Scaffolding
Domestic and Residential Scaffolding

Whether it’s for maintenance, painting, building work or roofing, our domestic scaffolding is easily installed and designed to suit the needs of any project. Our experts are able to provide a quote in no time with fast delivery and installation available.


Here are a few of the clients that trust us with their construction projects. Get in touch today to see how we can help.

Trojan Access offer Haki Scaffolding systems that can be uniquely tailored for projects requiring specialist access.

Our Haki Scaffolding can be used for suspended scaffolding from virtually any load-bearing structure. Suspended from any scaffolder safe zone, the Haki systems use fewer components than standard scaffold systems and can also be up to 50 times lighter. As the hooks in the system can take weight as soon as they are entered into the pocket, only one person is needed to install a system making it fast and efficient. This reduces possession time and therefore makes it a cost-effective solution.

Safety on any construction site is always of paramount importance and so when you require temporary stair access, it still needs to perform like a permanent solution.

According to an article published by the Safety & Health practitioner in 2016, falls from height are one of the biggest and most common fatalities and major injury causes in the construction industry.

Trojan Access Scaffolding can provide temporary stair access in a range of different configurations to suit your project, always with a particular focus on safety in mind. Whether you need modular temporary steel stairways or a stair scaffold tower, our team is well versed in all solutions and guaranteed to find the best solution to suit your project.

Choosing Trojan Access Scaffolding as your temporary stair access provider will give you full peace of mind and you can be confident that you and your team are in the safest of hands.

Essential for projects where protection from the elements is required, Trojan Access’ temporary roofing solutions offer safe and effective cover for workers, providing all year-round weather protection.

Trojan Access Scaffolding have many years’ experience in the design, supply and fitting of temporary roof scaffold systems and we even offer temporary roof drainage systems to ensure your project goes without a hitch.

Roof cover can be erected and changed as the project progresses, ensuring that there’s nothing holding you back.

Temporary scaffolding roof solutions from Trojan Access Scaffolding can be configured to your exact needs and there is no job too big or small.

Indoor scaffolding has a wide array of uses other than the conventional maintenance requirements.

Although indoor scaffolding is most popularly used to create a safe way for indoor maintenance in both domestic and commercial settings to be completed, it has also been used for a range of imaginative and unusual applications.

Indoor scaffolding is used in art galleries to display pieces at varying heights, creating an interesting and visually exciting place for visitors. It is also regularly used in theatres to create towers, sets and backdrops so that the space at varying heights can be used. This allows set designers to be truly innovative and expressive with the space, keeping the audience’s attention at all times.

More typically, our indoor scaffold stairs and platforms allow renovations and home improvements to be completed in awkward and hard-to-reach places. All of our systems are designed to conform with the 2005 Working at Height Regulations and are erected with health and safety at the forefront of our minds.

Trojan Access Scaffolding offer a range of different access and scaffold towers which make working at height on any project easy, safe and reliable.

Access towers are a great alternative to ladders when you will be working at height for a period of time and they offer additional space to walk around and put down tools between tasks.

Access towers can be used for a range of projects, whether you are working indoors or outdoors, and we have solutions to suit both commercial and domestic scaffold requirements.

Trojan Access Scaffold Solutions offer the best Monarflex sheeting on the market; fire retardant and built to withstand extreme working conditions. Monarflex Sheeting is fitted to ensure workers are protected from the elements such as wind, snow and rain meaning less downtime is needed and your project can run smoothly and to timescales.

Not only built with weather protection in mind, Monarflex sheeting can also be used to create an effective solution for controlling noise pollution for sensitive areas such as hospitals, schools and residential areas.

Monarflex sheeting is long-lasting and durable and can be used on projects exceeding 12 months and more.

Monarflex sheeting can also be used as a temporary roof cover system and ensures that site work continues through all weather conditions.

Where your requirements aren’t simple, you need a scaffold company you can trust and that’s where Trojan Access Scaffolding come in.

We have a vast wealth of experience of working on technical projects and our team are able to support you in finding the solution to suit your project.

Our technical scaffolding solutions include the erection of temporary bridging solutions which are not only robust and lightweight but also built with safety in mind with anti-slip surfaces, perfect for a variety of working applications.

Cantilevers are a must for structures with awkward or hard-to-reach areas due to factors such as balconies. When roof obstructions prevent rigging from platform end to end, a cantilever platform solution will ensure a safe working at height solution and result in a quick way to keep your site moving forward.

There’s no need to look any further, Trojan Access Scaffold Services are the experts you have been looking for.

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