Indoor Scaffolding

Indoor scaffolding has a wide array of uses other than the conventional maintenance requirements.

Although indoor scaffolding is most popularly used to create a safe way for indoor maintenance in both domestic and commercial settings to be completed, it has also been used for a range of imaginative and unusual applications.

Indoor scaffolding is used in art galleries to display pieces at varying heights, creating an interesting and visually exciting place for visitors. It is also regularly used in theatres to create towers, sets and backdrops so that the space at varying heights can be used. This allows set designers to be truly innovative and expressive with the space, keeping the audience’s attention at all times.

More typically, our indoor scaffold stairs and platforms allow renovations and home improvements to be completed in awkward and hard-to-reach places. All of our systems are designed to conform with the 2005 Working at Height Regulations and are erected with health and safety at the forefront of our minds.

Some of the indoor scaffolds we offer include:

·       Bridged Towers

·       Linked Towers

·       Stairwell Towers

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