Monarflex Sheeting

Monarflex Sheeting

Trojan Access Scaffold Solutions offer the best Monarflex sheeting on the market; fire retardant and built to withstand extreme working conditions. Monarflex Sheeting is fitted to ensure workers are protected from the elements such as wind, snow and rain meaning less downtime is needed and your project can run smoothly and to timescales.

Not only built with weather protection in mind, Monarflex sheeting can also be used to create an effective solution for controlling noise pollution for sensitive areas such as hospitals, schools and residential areas.

Monarflex sheeting is long-lasting and durable and can be used on projects exceeding 12 months and more.

Monarflex sheeting can also be used as a temporary roof cover system and ensures that site work continues through all weather conditions.

As there are different types of Monarflex for different applications, our experts can advise of which will be best suited to your project.

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